Rellot Smartwatch Onyx
Rellot Smartwatch Onyx
Rellot Smartwatch Onyx
Rellot Smartwatch Onyx
Rellot Smartwatch Onyx

Rellot Smartwatch Onyx

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This stylish device combines a smartwatch, Bluetooth headphones, and speaker in a sleek design. Stay connected, monitor your health, and enjoy music with ease.

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Embrace the Next Generation of Durable Technology: Rellot on Your Wrist

Unleash Your Potential and Soar to New Heights with the Perfect Blend of Strength, Endurance, and Advanced Engineering. Introducing the Rellot Smartwatch: The Ultimate Companion for Hard Workers and Fitness People. Featuring Bluetooth Headsets and Advanced Blood Pressure and Oxygen Monitoring, it's time to elevate your performance to the next level.

Explore a range of dynamic menu styles on the watch, giving you the freedom to switch between them effortlessly. Additionally, discover a vast collection of online dials, allowing you to switch to the unique style that suits your taste whenever you desire. Customize your watch face and express your personal style with ease.

Experience long-lasting battery life with the powerful 380mAh capacity battery. The smartwatch is equipped with the efficient IS2806 (ble5.0) and RTL8753BFR chips, ensuring reliable performance. With an ultra-low power intelligent algorithm, the watch optimizes energy usage, allowing you to enjoy extended usage without frequent recharging. Stay connected and powered up throughout the day with confidence.


We guarantee you'll receive the stronger smartwatch you've ever had. However, don't submit it to abuse tests such as as throwing it from a 30th floor or test it with a saw to see if it holds up.

YES! You can answer and dial calls from your smartwatch. Replying to text messages is not available for this smartwatch.

Yes, you can receive message notifications from Facebook, Twitter and other social applications.

YES! They have IP69K Waterproof technology.

Of course! All our smartwatches are covered with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in case that they don't fit your needs, as well as 30-Day Protection from any software or internal issues. If this happens, we'll provide you a replacement without cost.

Yes, you can connect any smartphone, whether it’s Android or Apple to your Rellot Smartwatch via Bluetooth by using the app Gloryfit (Available on App Store).

Yes, all of our smartwatches have adjustable bands that can fit with any wrist.

YES! You need to install the APP VB and connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Your smartwatch will be fully charged after approximately 2-3 hours.

Yes, Android 4.4 and later or iOS 8.0 and later.